Register – then see ways to pay…

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Once you click the Pay your Water Bill button above, you will need your account number to continue.
You can do a one-time Quick-Pay — or Register your account (without making a payment) through this button.

Once registered, you will be able to login with your own username and pw – or account number – and see your account information.

How to get started:

Click the “PAY YOUR WATER BILL” button above… a new screen will open.
then select the “QUICK PAY” button to make a one-time payment today!
Account numbers must be typed exactly as shown on your bill, including dashes & numbers… example: 6-432-C

To establish an account and login for future payments:
Click the “PAY YOUR WATER BILL” button, then as shown in the example to the right, click on the “Register here.” link to start the register.

Step 1: will ask for your account number.
Once registered, this will allow for you to create a login, make a payment, create reoccurring payments – setup your online banking or credit card information in your ‘wallet’ for future payment options.


Once you input your account number in step 1, it will ask you to create a
Username and Password – and your email address. Once completed, then
Enter your information in the Log-in box, then click the LOG IN button.

A small service fee is charge at checkout (3%) for this service depending on your account balance, $1.50 minimum. (Note this is not a FFJWA charge, this is the bank charge for processing the payments) Payments are processed immediately, your account is updated and you don’t have to waste time with stamps, envelopes or wait for a check to clear!

Recurring Payments (payments automatically deducted the 10th of each month from your bank or credit card on the 10th of each month) Recurring payments can ONLY be made using your bank Debit or Credit Card. no e-checks at this time – sorry!