FFJWA – Summary of Fee’s:

New Construction/New Service Fee’s:

Tap-in: Please contact the office for a Tap-In application – and service line drawing.
Fee for Tap-In starting price is $3,670.00 (as of 8/2022). All Tap-In applications must be reviewed by our water foreman and a quote for the Tap-In must be prepared for a final price. Once approved by the Board and Water Foreman, a Tap-In agreement must be signed and paid in full, and then we can get you on our schedule.

Meter Pit: If the main service line is more than 200′ from the property, then a meter pit is required!
Fee for a Meter Pit is $1,340.00 (price subject to change)
This is required to be installed by a certified plumber, then review by our Foreman.
Once a meter is installed, your water billing will begin with the minimum bill of $31, no mater if water was used or not.

Fee’s for Customer Services:

NSF Check Fee’s: If you send a check in with your payment and that check does not clear and is returned to FFJWA, then a service fee is charged back to the customer and added to the billing account.
Fee for the NSF is $25.00 (as of 1/2020).

Past Due Accounts / Shut-off Notice Fee’s: Residential bills are due by mid-month on the 15th.
Once that date has passed, penalty fee’s are added to the account. If the account is past-due, we try to give the customer a courtesy call to alert them they are on the shut-off list, then a letter and also a certified letter is sent to the customer. These charges are charged back to the customer.
The current rate for a Certified Letter will be added to the customer billing account.

Shut-off Turn off/Turn on Fee’s:
OUR FFJWA STAFF CANNOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS IN THE FIELD FROM CUSTOMERS!!! YOU MUST PAY ONLINE – OR BRING CASH TO FNB – NATRONA HEIGHTS BRANCH ONLY – FOR THOSE CHARGES. Once a certified letter is sent regarding your past due account and shut-off date, our Foreman will issue a red-tag and proceed to turn off water service the property.
Fee for Turn off/Turn on is $60.00 and is added to the account past-due balance, which must be PAID IN FULL before water service will be turned back on.



Water Lien Letters:
Please designate if you are requesting a No-Lien Water Letter or a Water Availability Letter. Both letters are usually requested from a closing company to inquire about any charges that are due on the account – or on new construction.
Fee for No-Lien Letters: $25.00 (checks payable to FFJWA)

All Fee’s subject to change. Fee’s valid as of 4/2021

Paying through the web:
A small service fee is charge at checkout (3%) for this service depending on your account balance.
(Note this is not a FFJWA charge, this is the bank charge for processing the payments)
For example, if you pay your bill online, and it is $31.00, a 3% fee is charged. Payments are processed immediately, your account is updated and you don’t have to waste time with stamps, envelopes, waiting for a check to clear, etc. It’s fast and easy!

Paying at First National Bank, Union Avenue – Natrona Heights PA
FREE!!! There is no charge to take your water payment into the FNB bank. You just need your account number (or service address if unsure of your account number) It helps if you take your payment stub with you for account accuracy. Once your payment has been made, the bank will send us that day’s payments so we can update your account. Please give us at least 3 business days to update your account at the office.