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Did you know….

Submit an Account Update form and we can change your billing delivery option for you, update your contact information and more…
Save a Tree…select e-Bill EMAIL delivery today.

E-BILLING NOW AVAILABLE! email our billing dept. to have an e-bill added to your account. Unless otherwise indicated, you will then received a paper and electronic copy to your email address. Owners can use this option to add their email to the renter account to obtain a copy of the renter billing statements as well. Bills are sent out 6x a year and the monthly minimum is $62.00 (2 month billing)

NO WATER PRESSURE? If you have lived in your home awhile, chances are your Pressure Regulator needs changed or looked at by a plumber. Our staff is not responsible for changing Pressure Regulators.

HIGH WATER BILL- possible reasons…

** Alerts ** Is your water bill high – or higher than usual? 
Check for running toilets, dripping faucets, leaking outside hoses or fixtures… in summer months some have higher usage due to watering gardens/flowers and filling up swimming pools, washing vehicles, sprinklers, and every day use.

To troubleshoot for a leak, turn off all water in the home, check your inside water meter to see if its still moving – and if so, you may have a water leak!

If unusual usage, call your local plumber asap to check your water service line or leaking/dripping household items!
Call the office for a service call if the water meter is leaking or clicking inside your home!