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Billing – Explanation of…

In summary… Your statement will be mailed every other month – and include your actual usage (for the previous 2 months)
– no billing statements will be mailed on the off months, but you can still continue to make monthly payments.

as of 08/2023

Once the service connection has been made, a monthly minimum charge will be assessed whether or not the water is actually used.

CURRENTLY THE BI-MONTHLY MINIMUM CHARGE IS $62.00 (first 6,000 gallons) / $7.90 each additional 1,000 gallons used thereafter.

The Authority will take a reading one month – and on the second month we will not read meters or send out billing statements — when you receive your billing statement, it will be for the previous two months actual usage as shown on your billing statement. The minimum charge is $62.00 regardless of usage.

Remember to offset the higher 2-month billing, you can still make a monthly payment – but not required.

NOTE ON RECURRING PAYMENTS: Recurring payments will be taken out on the 10th of the month that the billing statement is due. We will not take out the payment each month – but again, if you want to make an additional payment on the month no statements are generated, you can log into your account or select “Pay my water bill / QuickPay” and enter a number you want to pay in advance through your account and pay ahead. – again, this is only an option, not a requirement.

The current minimum billing covers 1,000 – 6,000 gallons usage.

Usage over the minimum will be billed at $7.90 per thousand gallons used on the standard 5/8″ domestic meter.
Note: Oversized and commercial meters are billed on a different scale.

-Fawn Frazer Joint Water Authority