**7/19/21 No FFJWA Board Meeting this evening – the meeting is cancelled. Thank you **

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) for Operating Year 2020
now available for your review! click here–> CCR Report 2020 – FFJWA

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Hours: 8-3 PM, Monday through Friday
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** Alerts ** Is your water bill high – or higher than usual? Check for running toilets, dripping faucets. Turn off all water, then check your inside water meter to see if its still moving – if so, you may have a water leak! Or…working at home when you weren’t before… kids home schooling?! If unusual usage, call your local plumber asap to check your water line or leaking/dripping household items! Call the office for a service call if the water meter is leaking inside your home!

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FFJWA WATER TANK – Clarvista tank