Help for Home Owners and their utility bills! Visit the PA HAF tab for more info!!

Address: 326 Donnellville Road
Natrona Heights PA 15065
Hours: 8-3 PM, M-F
Ph: 724-224-6562 / F: 724-224-5922
— Office is closed to public – call us for assistance or to make an appointment —

We encourage CASH pmts be made at First National Bank in Natrona Heights…
take your billing slip & cash pmt to the teller; checks & money orders also accepted!

Quick Pay w Acct #

Click on the “Pay your Water Bill” Icon
– Click “QUICK PAY”, then enter your Account Number exactly as shown
on your billing statement.
it will now show your balance due (you can view without making a payment)
TO REGISTER YOUR ACCT / SETUP AUTO-PAY, SEE BELOW – click Register Acct button. You will need your Account Number to sign-up, located on the top right corner of your statement.

Reading your bill...remember every other month your meter is read, and the month it is read covers a 2-month span...for the current and previous month’s usage, over the 3,000 gallon given on the estimated month minimum. Payments received after the 15th may not reflect on your next month’s statement.

Note: During the winter months, pls call the office if you need assistance, for office staff may be working at home periodically but only a phone call away. We may be assisting another customer, so leave a msg and we will return your call shortly! 🙂

Pay My Bill
Pay My Water Bill
Use your Account # to Register your account!
Register your account!
Account Login – History

* Note: there is a small service fee for all online payments –
this fee is to enable secure online payment services – and fee is NOT charged by FFJWA
e-checks not accepted currently, but we are hoping for future ACH pmts… to be continued. Using your bank to do online bill pay may also be a free option to save a stamp! 🙂

VACANT HOME OWNERS: Please check your properties – water pipes can break with these cold/’warm’ snaps we have here in PA! …if water pipes break in the home or within the service lines, the water usage is charged to the property owner, and the owner must call a plumber for those repairs… If you feel you have a leak or high usage, please contact your local plumber. running toilets and dripping faucets will cause your bill to increase too!! Thank you!

Is your water bill high – or higher than usual? No Water Pressure??
Click the Did you know…under the HOME link above!

WATER LEAKS!!! big or small…Help our water crew find leaks in your area… HOW?
If your water meter in your house (basement/garage) is making noise – or moving after all water in your house is off (no water running anywhere), you may have a water leak!
SMALL leaks could be as simple as a running toilet, dripping faucet or an outdoor hose!
LARGE leaks: Could include non-stop running toilets, bad water heaters, or a leak in your service lines – service lines are the water lines that run from the Tap-in at the street to your house hookup (which are the owners responsibility to detect leaks and repair those lines). Service line leaks are not always noticeable to a homeowner, but your water usage will be much higher, and you may experience a soggy yard or if small enough, it may be undetected without further assistance – depending on the location of the leak. Note, service lines are the OWNERS responsibility – and you would have to contact a Leak Detection Service to detect where the leak may be for repair. Even small water leaks can add up quickly!

Contact your local plumber asap to check your water service line or leaking/dripping household items – or to see if you are in need of a new Pressure Regular. Contact the office for a service call if the water meter is leaking or clicking inside your home!

See link for Billing, Explanation of… under FAQs for further information!

FFJWA WATER TANK – Clarvista tank

** ALERT – YEARLY HYDRANT FLUSHING started SPRING 2022 and will continue through the Fall months… If you see a hydrant flushing near your home & experience cloudy water, please run your water for a few minutes – your water should clear. Thanks in advance!!